Dómarakynning !!

Hér er kynning á tveim frábærum dómurum sem dæma hjá okkur Bendisprófið sem verður haldið 4-6 október 🙂

Bernt Martin Sandsør

My name is Bernt Martin Sandsør. I am 44 years old, married and have 3 children in the age of 11,14 and 16. Live in Hommelvik, 15 minutes drive from Trondheim city and work in Equinor based offshore.

I have been hunting for 30 years. In the beginning mainly on deer but also on grouse and other forrest birds. in 2003 me and my wife got our first pointing dog, an English setter. After that moment we almost only hunts for grouse and forrest birds except one weekend a year were I do deer hunting on Ytterøy island in the Trondheimsfjord. We where hooked from start owning a pointing dog and we have had several (all male) since then and all has been rewarded on field trials. For the moment we have 3 english setters (one puppy who is 11 weeks old) and the 2 oldest are much used for hunting and field trials. I have been judging field trials for 2 years now and are very much looking forward to do the same on Iceland.

Stig-Håvard Skain Hansen

Hi! I’m Stig-Håvard Skain Hansen (49). I live in Malvik in the middle of Norway together with my wife, three kids and our five dogs. I spend as much time as possible outdoor; hunting, training dogs, participating or judging field trials. I judge about 25 days a year. We are running Kennel Storbakken (storbakken.no), where we so far breed english setter, brittany and hopefully soon also gordon setter. We have now three english setters, one brittany and one gordon setter. In 2018 we won the Norwegian Championship in the field trials of the forest with our english setter Nyheimgutens Kuli. I like to judge a lot and see a lot of different dogs in the field. I’m looking forward to come to Island, and experience both the nature, the people and the dogs!

Þessi færsla var birt undir Forsíðufrétt. Bókamerkja beinan tengil.